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RADiUM Products

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RADiUM electronic devices

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Product Description

RADiUM electronic devices are built-to-order and useful across an unlimited range of applications: including but not limited to: home/office/industrial IoT/automation, HVAC controls, security and surveillance, sensor monitoring, robotics, arcade machines, communications, voice recognition systems, biometrics, etc. -- the possibilities are endless. The units can be used as a controller or controlled device, initiating or activated device. The unit is powered by a SoC microcomputer and sports an integrated 8-channel relay (for out-of-the-box uses in tasks like HVAC controls, lighting, and other "on/off" switching applications), with included RADiUM operating software, the number and types of applications are endless.

Typical standard components:
  1. 1 - SoC-based microcomputer of your choice (e.g. Raspberry Pi, ODroid, Udoo, Jetson Nano, Pine Rock64, etc)

  2. 1- Integrated 8-channel relay

  3. 1- Compatible Wifi USB Adapter

  4. 1- Mini WebCam for video-related tasks

  5. 1 - IP65 Waterproof ABS Project Box Container- 7.9" x 4.7" x 2.2" (Outer); 7.6" x 4.5" x 1.97"

  6. RADiUM Operating/Control/Automation Software (pre-loaded on device)

Notable features include:
  1. User Controllable GPIO
  2. Compatible with custom user scripts written in python and other languages

Due to the custom nature of these devices, and variable component availability as a result of global semi-conductor shortages, prices are constantly changing. Please e-mail us at:
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