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Welcome to the Foundation For A New Tomorrow (FFANT) Charity Shop!

FFANT is a 501c3 non-profit public charity dedicated to improving the human condition using innovation, education, and good works.

As part of our educational mission we produce our ROB and R.O.B. computer hardware/peripheral and software products (quirky, interesting, one-off, and small batch/made-to-order/handmade educational electronics) to inspire interest in learning computer science, engineering, and electronics. ROB products are more budget-friendly, but designed to be upgradable to the same functionality as the premium R.O.B. products. We also offer custom-built RADiUM electronic devices that are universal in potential application.

Our initial products will be geared toward educational and hobby- level electronics. We intend to eventually expand to more professional scale goods.

All of the items in our charity shop are sold through "Quid Pro Quo Contributions." This means purchasing a product and making a donation at the same time.

The difference between the price you pay and the Fair Market Value (FMV) of the product is the amount that is deductible for federal income taxes.

For Example: Buy Price = $40 and FMV = $15, then $40 (Donation)-$15 (FMV) = $25 (Tax Deductible Amount). These amounts are explicitly shown next to the product listing.

Under the 2020 CARES Act, Congress has allowed $300 in Above-The-Line charitable deductions. This means you can take the deduction in addition to the standard deduction. We'd greatly appreciate your spending some of those funds with us!

    Making a Purchase/Donation

  1. Click the "Buy with Donation" link next to the product you want.

  2. You'll be taken to the GoFundMe Charity payment system.

  3. Depending on the "Buy with Donation" link you click, there will be a bunch of pre-set buttons at the listed "buy" price. You can click any of them.

  4. Underneath that is a GoFundMe box with a tip amount. This tip has nothing to do with your purchase and is not required. Change the tip amount to "custom" and type in ZERO (0).

  5. Fill in your name / email.

  6. On the payment information page, before filling out anything, scroll down and check that the amount is correct and you're not being overcharged. If the amount is wrong, please go back and correct it before making any payment.

  7. Once the donation is complete, you'll be re-directed to the FFANT website.

  8. You should receive an offical charity donation acknowledgement e-mail from GoFundMe.

  9. Once payment has cleared, we will follow up and confirm shipment details.

  10. If you need any assistance, please e-mail us at:

**FULL DISCLOSURE AND DISCLAIMER: CAUTION: Our products are intended to be used by responsible adults over 18 who know how to practice safe handling of electronic components. Our custom mainboards are lead-free, but other components in our kits MAY CONTAIN LEAD (the solder used in many electronics does) and should be handled with care and kept away from children and pets. We advise you to please use gloves and wash your hands thoroughly after handling electronic components, especially when interacting with solder. If you are unable to safely handle potentially hazardous components, please do not purchase our products. We take no responsibility for any harm that may be caused by unsafe handling of our products.**

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