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ROB Products

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ROB electronics kit

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Product Description

The ROB electronics kit is an educational and hobbyist level computer hardware/peripheral and software system that allows for unlimited possibilities in computing, electronics, and automation. The platform base is the mobile robotics and imaging sensor board that makes learning and experimenting much easier and allows for upgrading the kit into a mobile robot. The kit includes a Nano 3.0 for computer interfacing/programming both itself and the ESP32-CAM board/camera device. All in a convenient, self-contained project box for easy clean up and organization.

The included components are:
  1. 1 - ROB custom mainboard / motherboa rd (50mm x 100mm) - Lead-free

  2. 1- Genuine Ai-Thinker ESP32-CAM

  3. 1- Nano 3.0 (Arduino Nano Clone; CH430 Chipset) - RoHS Compliant

  4. 1- L298N Motor Driver Module

  5. 2 - 3-6V 8000rpm Micro DC 130 motors Material: ABS impact resistant material Hardware: Nickel-plated steel Spring: Nickel-plated steel Rivet: None Wire: 1007 # 26AWG Exposed wire length: 150 x 3mm Gear and propeller shaft: Length: 25mm Diameter: 21mm Shaft diameter: 2mm Shaft length: 9mm Voltage: 3-6V Main dimensions: 25 x 15 x 20mm Motor shaft length: 9mm, shaft diameter 2mm Rated voltage: 3V Reference current: 0.35-0.4A 3V speed: 20000 r / min 6V speed: 40000 r / min

  6. 1 - Round SPST LED Power Switch (Random Color)

  7. 1 - 12V (8AA) battery holder (Batteries NOT INCLUDED)

  8. 15 - Jumper Wires (6 F/F, 5 F/M, 4 M/M) - RoHS Compliant

  9. 21 - Header Pins (black or color)

  10. 2 - 2x15 Header Sockets

  11. 1 - IP65 Waterproof ABS Project Box with Transparent Lid - 7.9" x 4.7" x 2.2" (Outer); 7.6" x 4.5" x 1.97"

  12. ROB Control/Automation Software (Freely Downloadable from FFANT Charity Shop)